Hostel & Horse Riding Center

In North Evia, on the mount Telethrion in the forest, the Kamatriades horse riding center is the shelter for the ones that want to escape the city. There , the beautiful scenery, the wonderful view and the special feeling of a ride into the forest on horseback, makes it a special destination for young and old, a great spot for hiking climbing and mountain biking.

40 acres wait for you for a real contact with the beautiful nature of the area. In the farm you will meet twelve horses for riding, asian dama-dama deers, dwarf african goats, ducks, chicken, dogs and many more animals. The riding lessons are carried out by experienced trainers that make sure to show the basics to rookies.

Enjoy a unique excursion in the Kamatriades riding center and before you get ready to return, do not forget to feed the deer and the goats and have a nice Greek coffee.