Monastery Galataki

In Galataki Monastery which is dedicated to Saint Nikolas (protector of the seas ) you can enjoy the harmonious combination of water and nature. It is located in a truly magical location, 200 metres higher than the sea , having an exquisite view towards Evia Gulf and the Viotian sea shores.

Galataki Monastery was a male monastery but from 1946 and after, it became a female monastery. It celebrates on the official celebration of Agios Nikolaos, on 6th December but also on 20th May, on the anniversary of the recovery of his remains. On this day the Monastery is celebrating in the evergreen magical spring scenery , a scenery that only Evia can offer.

Also, in the Galataki area, the beaches under the Monastery with the wonderful pines that are touching the sea, will be unforgettable for whoever visits the area.