Monastery of St. Dayid

On the foot of mountain Kavalaris in a height of 927m , and 20km about north of Limni and 15km from Rovies is the male monastery of St. David.

In the temple are the miraculous bones of St. David, as well as other holy relics.

To the south of the monastery there is a little cave in the rock where St.David would go to meditate, as well as the St. Charalambus chapel. Outside the courtyard area there are many small chapels dedicated to the memory of various saints.

Of particular interest is the underground chapel of St. Anargyroi which is decorated with wonderful paintings of the 17th century and which during the turkish reign was operating as a secret school. The monastery celebrates on the 6th of August and 1st of November

A visit to the monastery can be combined with a visit to the Drymona falls which is only 2km away.