The Kerasia fossil forest
Site near the Kerasia village , on the road between Kerasia – Istiea . From this area a wealth of paleontologic treasures have been dug up ,both of flaura and fauna.

Drosini Tower
A tower house (enetian type) that was built in Gouves , Artemisio, by the Turk Ibrahim Aga in the beginning of 19th century. After the liberation it was bought by the family of our great poet G.Drosinis. Today it's being preserved and hosts a local folklore collection.

Panagia Dinious
A chapel in Istiea built in a magical maple tree forest in the area between Istiea and Artemisio

Oreoi Castle
The remains of a keep over the city. Built by the Enets on the remains of an older fortification.

The Oreoi Bull
One of the most imposing sculptures that decorated the ancient city of Oreo. Carved in honor of Demetrius the Conqueror during Macedonian rule. It is exhibited in the yard of the church near the harbor.