Monastery of St. Georgios

The story of Agios Georgios Monastery is lost in the mists of time. Close or over an ancient temple of Apollonas-Ilios, the Christian temple was built. At this spot, was also the oracle of Selinountios Apollonas. The monastery transferred in it’s current place, at an area close to Edipsos Baths and in a distance of 13 kilometres away from Eidipsos Village.

The old place of the Monastery states a small church in the name of Agios Georgios. In a very beautifull spot, with fertile ground, and a fairly big fortune, the Monastery had many disasters under Turkish Rules.

The last time it was attacked in 1821 which resulted in the destruction of precious heirlooms and spiritual wealth. The today's female monastery is beautiful and very interesting regarding the temple's heirlooms. A trip is definitely worth it as a pilgrimage, and as a tour in the surrounding area.