Lichadonisia the Greek Seychelles

In the northern gulf of Evia, between Kammena Vourla and Evia, there is a group of islands that the locals call Seychelles. These are the Lichadonisia, a group of small islands that surfaced by a big earthquake thousands of years ago. In the past they were inhabited but now they aren't, and they are protected wildlife areas. These islands are an excellent destination for single day sea trips and explorations.

The biggest of these islands is Stroggili and Manolia, and the lesser Small Stroggili, the Steno, Vagia, and some even lesser called Pontikonisia.

In Stroggili, the beach is organised and offers all the necessities. In another emains of an ancient house have been found, and in a third one there is a church where weddings and christenings have been performed. The Lichada and islands seabed is very rich and there are a lot of sinked ships that attract free divers. From the harbor of Ag. Georgios, a ship carries out trips to the islands every day.

From Lichada access to the islands happens by a boat called “ta ida ola” (I saw everything) that picks you up at Kavos. It's a taxi boat that takes you there for free and you pay to get back! Even if you are on your own the price is standard. All you have to do when you reach Kavos is call 6977628080 or 6972808181 and the boat will come to pick you up.

The trip to Stroggyli is about 5-10 minutes. This is the organized island with free umbrellas and recliners, and a beach bar with souvlakia and seafood, and of course coffee and drinks.

To drive to Kavos the distance is 30km from Edipsos. From Neos Pirgos , before you reach Edipsos there is a sign to Lichada, Agios Georgios. Turn right there, and keep the sea to your left. The route is a beautiful one, and most of it is by the sea or through green forests.